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JJ Rivet at KPGA Summit (Korea)

For 3 days, JJ Rivet hosted a seminar on Golf Biomechanics for KPGA in Incheon, Korea

Information about his intervention by clicking on the photo below

(article in Korean, translation available)

KPGA Summit: Day 1 JJ Rivet returns to the concrete actions carried out with the high level players, with as constant concern the search of simplicity and the adaptation to each individual

(Article available by clicking on the photo below (in Korean, translation available))

KPGA Summit: Review Thank you to Mr Park Jeong Ho and Mr BJ Song and Mr SH Lee for their welcome as part of a training that sparked a craze. It was a pleasure to share this knowledge with you, see you soon for act 2!

KPGA Summit: The official video! Relive the Korean formation from the inside. Theory & Practice, the winning combo to introduce pros to Applied Biomechanics

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