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Training at Maxence Fayard Academie (MFA)

Maxence Fayard is "Biomecaswing referent (see full list of advisers here). At the end of this year, JJ Rivet has moved to his academy for 2 days of intensive training. Find his debriefing just below!

"As a Biomecaswing referent for Rivet Jj, I was able to benefit from the updating of my knowledge / skills in Biomeca, 4D and support analysis.

JJ Rivet therefore spent 2 days at the Domaine du Val de Sorne to make me work and analyze the players of the MFA and Sport Studies.

The objective of this work with young people was to discover the natural signature of the displacement of the center of gravity, which is at the basis of the creation of trajectories. This approach is now used systematically by the best players in the European Tour or PGA. Once the profile has been identified, it becomes much easier and faster to advance the player.

We used the new Koparo force plates which are incredibly precise in the processing of data and the acquisition of each swing. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that only force plates (and not pressure plates) can give the signature of the center of gravity.

These two days were incredibly rich and I thank JJ Rivet again for agreeing to shake up his schedule to come and see us.

I also thank him for his generosity and his availability. His immense expertise and the accuracy of the diagnosis are a dream, as well as his knowledge of the very highest as part of his mission at the head of the European Tour Performance Institute.

Thanks JJ.

My final thanks go to: Damien de Breuvand, our Director and actor so important in the realization of the Academy's projects. Amandine Schreiner Pro for her involvement and motivation during her 2 days. Victor Bon, pro at Lacanau Golf, who came to attend these two days, in a personal training process. To the young people who have given their all. To Sylvie Fayard my dear and tender for the back office work and everything else.

And finally to all the parents for their confidence.

Long live golf. "

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